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Bringing the maker movement to TES


I’ve been asked by my principal to head up a team who will develop a makerspace at the TES high school. In addition to being an exciting opportunity for me to do something a little different to the usual in Computing, it aligns really well with my plans for my research. The initial plans are for students in years 7 to 9 (ages 11 to 14) to do one term-long project per year, on a rotation so...

Constructionism in Taiwan


At the recent Christmas Bazaar I got to catch up with some friends who used to work at my school but left teaching to set up an education startup called Skyrock Projects, offering creative tech programs for kids aged 8 to 15. When they first described the idea to me, I suggested that they pitch it to parents as: “If you’re worried about your kid getting a job, send them to the buxiban...

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